3D models

icebreakers 3D modelování

We are developing 3D models for visualization of objects, machines or technologies. We create objects for further processing in Unreal or Unity. Environment or graphic models for use in industry 4.0 or in the gaming industry.

Why 3D models ?

  • Development for virtual and augmented reality. 
  • Graphic models for business presentations, visualizations, videos, or promotions.
  • Use on website to increase visitor interest, interactivity and engagement.
  • 3D models for gaming industry.
  • Models for sales and marketing for product presentation.
  • Visualization of objects for architects, real estate and developers, or construction companies.
icebreakers_3D modely reality

What can it look like?

3D visualization is widely used in computer games, simulators, or educational programs. We can create not only 3D objects, but a complete environment. Graphic studios, as well as companies, can use our professionals who will produce a fully functional 3D model, including a 3D environment, and prepare it for further processing at Unity or Unreal.

3D model stroje a instruktorky

Are you interested in the possibilities of 3D modeling and visualization? Then contact us and we will see what we can do together.