Virtual and Augmented reality will change the future of your company

Want to know how?

Virtuální a rozšířená realita speeds up processes and simplifies manual work. Employees are faster, more professional and make less mistakes.  Your company does more in less time.

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Training new employees with the help of virtual reality

Training and retraining of new employees without the risk of damaging the machine. The worker drills with the help of VR until he manages the process 100%. It focuses only on training. At VR, he cannot play with a mobile phone or engage in other activities.

Service of machines and devices using augmented reality

Thanks to the AR, the worker can see exactly how to adjust the machine or device. He knows what to do, there are no errors and the system directly controls the activity. You save time and unprofessional handling of expensive equipment.


Online managerial supervision using augmented reality

The owner or manager of the company walks through the production hall and uses technology to see how each machine meets standards and goals, what is speed and efficiency. Real-time data on a laptop, mobile phone or tablet, or directly in glasses.

How can we do it even better?

3D modeling

We model machines, figures, vehicles, 3D terrain models. We also supply them for computer games, simulators or visualizations. We produce models for our projects exclusively ourselves.

Computer animation

Companies create 3D animated mascots such as Alzák, which are super effective in advertising. 2D animations are, for example, infographics, pop-ups, maps, tricks - in short, a very cool corporate style.

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