Industry 4.0 and technology as virtual and augmented reality

Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, refers to the introduction of digitization, robotics and automation in manufacturing and other industrial enterprises.

But let's start from the beginning.

The first industrial revolution began sometime in the 18th century. The then, traditionally agricultural society, shifted from field work to mechanized agriculture, manufacturing, mining and transportation. There was a shift from manual production to large-scale production with the help of machines. The main source of energy was coal and steam.

Thanks to this industrial revolution, the living standards of the majority of the population have risen. There has been unprecedented population growth.

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The second industrial revolution dates back to 1870, when electrification took place, assembly lines began to emerge and new methods of communication were introduced.

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In the middle of the 20th century The third industrial revolution starts. It is closely connected with the development of computers, automation and subsequently, of course, the flourishing of the Internet.

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And now is the time of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.Cybernetization, digitization, automation. Entry of virtual and augmented reality.

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All periods of the Industrial Revolution brought clear economic prosperity, simplification, acceleration and streamlining of work. But also a competition in a plant efficiency, because whoever was able to produce more at the same capacity had a competitive advantage, higher profits and lower costs. The same is expected from Industry 4.0.


So what does Industry 4.0 bring?

Deployment of of artificial intelligence (AI) into processes. Whether in the areas of planning, production, logistics or customer care. Deployment of innovation,mobile and other apps to monitor or control machines and devices. Internet of things - interconnection and integration of individual machines and devices to improve communication and workflow.

Sensoric expansion of machines and devices for managerial supervision and effective technology utilization planning. The sensors will be able to read all the necessary data and digitize it, for a perfect overview of the manager, or as a basis for AI for production planning.

Introduction virtual reality to train employees, to train crisis situations, to reduce damage to property and the health of employees. 

Virtual reality,as a tool for business and marketing.

Introduction augmented reality to cooperate worldwide, to instruct and manage employees in professional activities, without the need to look at the paper manual. Or online managerial control with the help of sensory machine extensions.

Augmented reality for business and marketing.

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It is no longer a question whether companies and enterprises will cross the threshold and enter Industry 4.0., but when they do it. If they want to stay competitive, attract employees, be attractive to business partners, and secure the profitability of their business, then this step is necessary for the future.


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