What exactly is augmented reality?


Augmented reality is a unique technology that increases quality done work, reduces error rates, speeds up processes and overally increases efficiency.

Automation and robotics

  • Industry 4.0
  • The company will achieve more in the same time.
  • Higher efficiency and profitability.
  • AR speeds up production - guides employees on how to proceed.
  • Increases the qualification of employees - facilitates the operation of machines.
  • In real time helps solve and eliminate problems.
  • The system guards the workernot to make a mistake.
  • Inspection tool for managers and directors.

How does it work?

  • The worker uses a special transparent glasses (if applicable uses tablet or smartphone).
  • Glasses / tablet / mobile they project data and information into the real environment.
  • The system shows where to gohow to use the control to start or set up the machine.
  • Helps to deal with non-standard situations, troubleshoot, speed up, or control.
  • AR is often used as remote support for field workers.

How is the development done?

  • We study workplace procedures and processes.
  • We will go through all your needs, ideas and goals.
  • We will create a solution functional elements and tasks.
  • We will create an application.
  • Together with you we test until everything is 100%
  • Once everything is according to your ideas, we let it into production.

Who has already put augmented reality into practice?



Coca Cola

  • Ikea - interior design applications.
  • BMW - design and development of new models.
  • Škoda Auto - Logistics and warehousing section, production department, marketing.
  • Ford Motor - design and design of new models.
  • Vodafone - marketing and bussiness.
  • Caterpillar - remote field support.
  • Coca Cola - remote field support for servicing and adjusting machines.
  • New Look - bussines.
  • GE Aviation - training, simulation.
AR ve skladu
VR a AR využití v průmyslu
VR a AR využití v průmyslu
VR a AR využití v průmyslu
VR a AR využití v průmyslu

Is augmented reality right for you? Then contact us and we will come up with it together.