What exactly is virtual reality?

Icebreakers - VR-prumysl

Virtual reality, is an ingenious tool that reduce employee error rates, speed up the training process, increase quality and expertise of workers.

Efficiency and quality on first place

  • Education with the help of virtual reality.
  • Virtual reality will ensure 100% concentration of the user.
  • VR increases qualifications of employees.
  • Trainee does not need a trainer - everything he learns independently in the simulator,
  • will learn to operate real workplace,
  • is evaluated and tested.
  • The worker learns everything outside the hall, he comes to the machine 100% ready,
  • the activities are repeated until the user learns everything.

How does it work?

  • The employee uses VR glasses,
  • get acquainted with working environment in 3D.
  • System simulates the activities the student is to learn. Whether the machine operator, technical requirements, safety measures - in short, everything he will need for his work.
  • VR tests the skills and knowledge of the employee, repeats the tasks until the student actually learns them.
  • The system evaluates employee score, for internal purposes.

How is the development done?

  • We study procedures and processes of the workplace in detail.
  • We will go through all your needs, ideas and goals.
  • We will create a solution functional elements and tasks.
  • We will create 3D model and simulator.
  • Together with you we test until everything is 100%.
  • Once everything is according to your ideas, we let it into production.

Who already uses virtual reality?

Rolls Royce



VR - virtuální realita
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Are you interested in the possibilities of virtual reality? Then contact us and we will see what we can do together.