You could hear about our work in a Czech Television report.

At the exhibition Reason vs Emotion organized by the Zlín Gallery, we created virtual reality, interactive applications and games.

Exhibition in Zlín

Reason vs emotion

Virtual reality in musem

It was an exhibition of industrial design. Tomas Bata's legacy includes constant innovation. And that is undoubtedly the virtual reality in the museum. The exhibition was organized by the Zlín Regional Gallery in cooperation with Tomas Bata University and the local Little Greta agency.

How does it work?

We created 360 ° tutorial videos for virtual reality. Visitors could look into history with the help of Oculus glasses. On the interactive touch screens, the candidates ran historical lessons or knowledge tests.

TV document

There was a report on the exhibition Reason vs Emotion on Czech Television.


The first 360 ° advertisement in the Czech Republic

with Vojta Kotek


Among the first with 360 ° video

In 2015, we were one of the first teams in the Czech Republic to shoot 360 ° videos for virtual reality. Vodafone and Us have created a VR for the "Wake Up" TV campaign. 

Wohnouti are to blame!

Vojta Kotek chose us at the concert of the group Wohnout, for which we recorded a 360 ° recording of the concert. There are no coincidences!

Custom hardware

At that time, we had to develop our own functional hardware.


360 ° advertising campaign

Volkswagen Crafter

Introduction of a new model

Ukázka interiéru nového typu automobilu.

Wohnouti are to blame!

Why VR?

What was it like?

At that time, we had to develop our own functional hardware.


Virtual tour of the complex

Mountain resort Dolní Morava

VR by drone

And again, we were among the first to set about shooting virtual reality - this time from a drone.

Multifunctional use

We have created visual content and a web application for playback on PCs and mobile phones, as well as in virtual reality glasses.


Czech Land of Stories


Long-term cooperation

For the "Czech Land of Stories", we transferred various locations in the Czech Republic (eg Karlovy Vary, Rožnov, Vítkovice) to virtual reality.

International reach

The resulting work was intended for an international fair. Each country had its own stand here, and the beauties of the Czech Republic presented themselves in virtual reality glasses.

Virtual lessons for F-AIR

F-AIR Flight School

In the cockpit of the plane

We have processed the complete appearance of the cockpit and all the tasks that the pilot must handle. Everything in VR.

And here may be the space just for you…