What is VR sickness and how is it really? 🤔

Yes - virtual reality "fooles" the brain. So yes - it can be annoying if you have none or little experience with it.

In virtual reality, you can move, fly, ride, run - but your body is actually in place. This can sometimes flood the brain a little.

In general, we may say:

🟡 Men tolerate staying in VR a little better than women.
🟡 Younger age groups are also closer to technology, so the younger the user, the better he gets used to VR. (We are talking about adult users).
🟡 The optimal time to use VR glasses is around 10 minutes, but even 20 minutes is no exception.
🟡 Usually, a person may be disoriented after taking off their glasses (similar to feeling blindfolded for 10 minutes) and may feel sick. However, nausea subsides the more glasses you use.
🟡 So, it's about making a habit.

Among the best accepted are various relaxation or training applications. Rather static, where you do not move too much with the controls. Learning, assembly, fulfillment of tasks, training of activities.

Also well-tolerated are applications where, for example, the user walks on a belt and the world moves around him as if he were really walking. Or they are smooth slow movements that do not burden the user.

The worst tolerated are active games, where there is a lot of movement and a lot of intense visual perceptions.
A good example is the roller coaster in VR. (But we can not tolerate it in the real world). 😁

So to sum it up:

💜 The more the VR environment resembles the real situation, the less it burdens us.
💜 It is necessary to take a break from time to time.
💜 And the more often you use VR, the more well you will accept it.