Virtual and augmented reality in the museum

Travel back in time... Really. Thanks to virtual reality, you can visit historical places and historical events that you never dreamed of.

In virtual reality, you can meet important personalities of the past. Map how time went and how places gradually changed. You can take part in Napoleon Bonaparte's campaign or watch people ring the keys to Wenceslas Square during the Velvet Revolution.

People want to experience to remember better.

It is easy to read an article about interesting facts from history or science, but to experience the situation almost on your own, it will be etched in your memory much longer. Experience and understand. This is the concept of virtual reality.

There are already several museums and galleries in the Czech Republic that have included modern technologies in their program. For example, the Zlín Gallery used VR in its exhibition Reason vs Cit. In Olomouc, it is possible to walk around the medieval square, and Most is also preparing its own exhibitions.

Other possibilities of use in museums and galleries include augmented reality.

Thanks to a tablet or smartphone, you can now view various artifacts in 3D, view and explore them from all sides. Items that you can usually only see in the display case or in the picture will lie directly in front of you, just touch it. For a change, you can "run out" of additional information on the topic, or a 3D model of the author in all its beauty.

When using augmented reality, you may also encounter QR codes. They allow you to view video content, images, 3D model, voice recording and / or written text, to any exhibit, to any event. All you have to do is point a mobile phone or tablet, read the QR code and a boring tour can become an interactive fun educational activity.

In a time that is very demanding on the perception and attention of visitors, virtual and augmented reality is a new way to attract new, young visitors to museums and galleries. At the same time, it will attract those existing who are regular participants and museums or galleries are not unknown to them. Looking at history from a new angle, experiencing events, visiting distant places and time travel into history - these are activities that will soon be available in most modern museums.