Rozhovor s panem Vítkem Heinzem

bývalým učitelem a zkušeným personalistou, a panem Pánkem, čerstvým absolventem.

Topic: Who is generation Z, and how to work with it, how to understand it and what to do with it.

Vít Heinz is an experienced HR professional who works for large industrial corporations. He is currently anchored in automotive and entrusted us with his experience with the young generation of workers.

Generation Z is the generation of people born between 1996 and 2012. They are young, digitized, dependent on social networks, can write messages quickly and, just as they write, they speak quickly and austerely. They are overwhelmed with information and do not know what to expect from their lives. They want a job that suits them, they don't just put up with anything - and it's not a problem for them to leave their jobs, and that from day to day.

Older adults do not automatically consider it an authority. On the contrary. He often tries to assert himself and prove to be a strong "adversary". 

They will not do something they do not like. They want everything quickly, they do not intend to wait for anything. 

How to work with such people at work and how modern technologies such as virtual and augmented reality can help. We are talking about all this in a 7-part cycle on the topic of how immersive technologies can help with the recruitment and employment of the Z generation.


Eva Bajerová - project manager at

Vít Heinz - former teacher and HR specialist

Roman Pánek - graduate

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